Psychotherapy & Psychoanalysis

The decision to begin psychotherapy or psychoanalysis is a significant commitment to yourself. Careful consideration at the beginning of either treatment will have a significant impact on the outcome of each endeavor. Whatever your reason for seeking treatment is, it is best to begin with one or more sessions to determine the scope of issues involved, the "fit" between us and how I am able to help you. This initial phase will give me an opportunity to learn more about you and for you to find out about me. At the end of this time I will make recommendations about how I can help you. If I determine I do not have the particular skills to help I will help direct you to someone who does.


Psychotherapy is a form of treatment that is conducted one or more times a week. Patients are encouraged to talk freely about their concerns, thoughts and feelings as well as to observe, along with the therapist, previously unknown unconscious conflicts and obstacles that determine their emotions and behavior. From that vantage point patient and therapist can explore new solutions to long-standing problems.


Psychoanalysis is the most intensive and optimal treatment for many patients seeking relief from emotional suffering. In fact, recent research has shown that psychoanalysis, usually measured in years rather than weeks or months, produces more improvement over time than other, short-term treatments such as cognitive behavioral therapy. Psychoanalysis is usually conducted three, four or more times a week. Many people recline on a couch, outside the analyst's view, while others may choose to sit in a chair for the healing conversation to unfold. Patients are encouraged to speak freely about whatever comes to their mind, including dreams. This form of treatment focuses on unconscious, deeply seated determinants of emotion, thought and behavior, allowing both patient and analyst to actively address these determinants as they arise between them. Psychoanalysis is a significant commitment of time, financial and emotional resources. As such it is a life changing experience.